How we work with you?

We understand that everyone’s needs are different, every project is unique to each customer. Which is why we have developed this simple step by step process to give you as many details as possible so that you know you are being looked after from the start and throughout the project.

Once you have contacted us via phone, email or website inquiry, we will contact you the same business day to discuss your requirements. An estimated price can be given through the phone call.

We will give you an onsite visit (if requested), at a pre-organised time to discuss to possible options, outcomes and either price the project onsite. Or we can price the project from our office and return the quotation via email for you.

This is the great time to offer any thoughts or possible options you may require.

On acceptance of your project, a timeline and date will be organised and approved by both. Then we will put the project into ACTION with a job number in our business system. This will make things easy for us to track the project progress.

On arrival, our team will confirm any discussions and notes that relating to the project, include any possible changes.

During the projects, direct contact will be continuously made by our senior team members to ensure all works are meeting your requirements and any modifications that may arise are addressed.

On completion, our team will ensure the site is left at best condition.

Our Accounting Team will invoice the project and posted to you for payment.

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